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My transcription project was inspired by the Zurbaran painting ‘Saint Francis in Meditation’, the figure is completely submerged in this infinite black background, whilst holding a skull – which thinkers and philosophers used to remind them of their own mortality. With this series of experiments I combined these two notions, mortality and submerging, to create pieces that tried to capture an ephemeral moment (because in the grand scheme of things, life is ephemeral) – when two or more liquid substances merge together, by freezing them……read more

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Transcription of Audio Piece

Transcription of Audio Piece – (process.arts user amcandrew2) I don’t really understand it. I’m struggling to see how it started, like, sometimes, I don’t know, I, even if it’s like a squiggle I like to have an idea of what’s behind it, or what is it, or what the person was thinking and with this it kind of looks like and A that’s joined at the bottom and then whipped round, um or like a weird signature, if it was a signature that’d be cool, I don’t really know, I mean, um, almost looks like an ink splodge kind of gone wrong but.. oh it’s so difficult, I don’t know. Continue reading

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Casting ice cream/plaster mould

Q; Hi Tirantis

I’m always advising students to “go and buy it at Tirantis”, but now I need some advice myself if that’s OK!

If I need to cast an ice cream , i.e. the soft vanilla, Mr Whippee type swirl on top of the cone, would you recommend alginate?

Does alginate generate heat as it cures?

Many thanks for your help.

(Tirantis is a renowned supplier of materials and equipment for sculptors.

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LCC Workshop in Creating Digital Media for Teaching and Learning, Feb 10th

Workshop in Creating Digital Media for Teaching and Learning, Feb 10th
– a Learning Studio Workshop

When: 16.30-18.30 Thursday Feb 10th

Where: Room M401 in the Media Faculty block, LCC

For more information about the workshop of the Learning Studio please contact Paul Lowe at

The Learning Studio is a new community of practice (CoP) around learning technology use in Art, Design and Media within UAL. It is open to anyone to join and participate, whatever your role or current use or experience of learning technology.

The Learning Studio is holding an informal, Bar Camp ( style workshop on creating digital media for teaching and learning on Feb 10th from 16.30-18.30 in M401 at LCC. There will be hands on activities and demos of a range of ways to create, distribute and use digital media, and all are aimed at non-expert users. If you want to contribute to the workshop and talk about something that you are using in your own practice, please do so. You can just turn up and talk about something that you have worked on, or email us in advance and we can facilitate a space for you. There will be a range of activities, and the approach is very informal – there are no formal presentations, instead colleagues will be talking about how they are using a variety of media in their teaching and learning.  There is also no formal schedule, so you can turn up when you like – colleagues will be demonstrating their activities in different parts of the room. These will include

1: Lindsay Jordan will show how she has been using simple compact video recorders like the flip cam to record reflective interviews with the participants on the PG Cert in Teaching and Learning

2: Tony Pritchard will talk about his use of podcasting, he is currently leading on a college project to help staff develop podcasting as part of their L&T strategy

3: Patrick Sutherland will talk about simple sound recording for interviews, podcasts and atmosphere

4: Jackson Jessop will show his kit room website for the equipment stores in the film and television department at LCC see

5: Chris Follows will show the Process arts website see

If you want to participate as a presenter please feel free to do so, if you want to just turn up on the day and talk about something relevant that is also fine.  If need any extra kit–like a laptop, sound, plasma screen etc – then let us know in advance. In any case, if you are intending to come, please  email Paul Lowe at so we can have an idea of numbers in advance.

In the spirit of Bar Camp, there will be cake and pop.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 10th!

Paul Lowe
Course Director
MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
London College of Communication
Elephant and Castle
London SE1 6SB

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Life Drawing class

Short video clip during a Life Drawing class by Laurence Noga at Wimbledon foundation September 2010/11


The aim of this project is to develop a personal and distinctive approach to your drawing from observation. It asks you to draw the figure in the built environment, and to develop an ambiguity in drawn ..

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Term 2 Blog

2 weeks in to being back at lcf and we have found that we have to find a client as well as make a music video. I have found my client for the project and had a meeting, its been hard trying to get everyone together on the same day!

The moving image section of the term im a bit nervous for. I havent made a film  before and im nervous about getting the footage and editing. The class to learn about final cut pro has been good so hopefully when we have more knowledge about editing it will be less daunting.

I am currently emailing people about clothes and just researching into my primary ideas for both the video and the photoshoot because im going to in some way link the two projects! x

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National gallery transcription project by (amcandrew2)

(Text from post on I took my dictaphone and recorded people talking about the painting my niece had made (please see image left and listen here) without telling them what it was. This represents the audio guide I used in the national gallery to help me understand the paintings as the huge mass of them did not have much meaning or value until I knew the story behind them. It was interesting to see how varied people’s dialogues were. Some giving an honest literal account of what they saw, and others letting their imagination flow. It made me think of many other themes, such as the conditioning society and schooling has on us, the suppression of our creativity and confidence in our own imaginations or even to what extend we can look into a scribble on a piece of paper and come up with so many meanings, which is sort of what a lot of conceptual art provokes us to do. Discover more post of UAL students and staff discussing making and studio practice at

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Create a ball/sphere shape in sketchup

Making a ball/sphere shape and general Sketch up notes (Mac) Wimbledon College of Art 2011

Download Creating-ball-sketchup video – Making a sphere

1. Draw a circle shape on the ground suraface of the origin point where the red, green and blue axis points meet. Continue reading

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Joy Garnett, “Painting Mass Media”

Remember seeing this video couple of years ago, thought it was brilliant and I’ve found it again.

YouTube Preview Image

“Painting Mass Media”
Speaker: Joy Garnett
Date: September 23, 2004
Art and Technology Lecture Series

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Flow chart of the ceramic process

This is a simplified flow chart to help students new to ceramics understand the ceramic process.
the ceramic process by manda helal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

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