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Edgeless University: why higher education must embrace technology

British Universities have world-class reputations and they are vital to our social and economic future. But they are in a tight spot. The huge public investment that sustained much of the sector is in jeopardy and the current way of … Continue reading

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How to create and Image and text post in Gather all your images and text content Image 1 – If you would like all your images to fit neatly into the image box area, you may wish to resize your images using PhotoShop. The box area pixel dimension … Continue reading

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What is a Halftone?

Halftones We are surrounded by images in the everyday that have been printed by analogue and digital processes.  Newspapers, high gloss magazines and bill-board advertisements are all, if you look close enough, composed of a series of opaque dots.  By … Continue reading

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Tips for photo documenting your work Introduction, Lighting and Composition

INTRODUCTION – TIPS FOR PHOTO DOCUMENTING YOUR WORK See part 1 – Tips for documenting your work (introduction) See part 2 – Lighting See part 3 – Composition Record your work as you go! It is important to document all … Continue reading

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Creating an all over Pattern.

From process.arts – This is the 3rd of a series of tutorials which described the processes involved when creating an all over pattern using a pink flower.

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