Nigerian Praise Performance

Featured post from – this is a video of me dancing to an Nigerian praise song I chose this particular song because I wanted to show how I give praise to God through dance. I also made my own dress that I would be dancing in for the show I didn’t want to get African fabric and make the dress from this because it wouldn’t be my own work. I made this dress out of satin fabric and sewed on colourful beads, buttons, roses and bows to create a pattern effect I also made various shapes and patterns out of lino so that I could print on the dress. I didn’t use block printing ink because you cannot get a range of colours to use so I decided to use acrylics instead because I mixed the different colours together to create a random colour. During my performance things may go wrong but its ok because that’s part of the process. Bits of the dance are improvised and the rest is a set dance. I am also going to wear African fabric on my head to create a head tie, as I wanted to still bring in the fabric in to my performance.

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